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Andy and the Odd Socks

Introducing Andy and the Odd Socks!!

“Our music is aimed at the whole family: we are a variety show for the ears!”

Finally an authentic rock and pop band for all the family!! It is with great excitement we can announce the launch of Andy Day’s brand new band, Andy and the Odd Socks who will be performing tracks from their debut album “Who Invited This Lot?” at family music festivals for the very first time this Summer!!!

Hugely popular Children’s ‘hero’ and TV Presenter, Andy Day fronts the bonkers band with his ‘Odd Sock’ musician friends on guitar, bass, drums and keys.  The fun packed live show is a unique mix of rock, pop, rap and funk with lots of hilarious audience participation!

Created for young children with huge imaginations between the ages of 3 and 8, older children and parents have their favourite songs too! Each track is a mini story featuring funny and popular characters from Aliens and Robot Rappers to Groovy Hoovers and a Ninja Pig!  Children are guaranteed to fall in love with the wacky characters both on stage and in the catchy tunes and will delight in seeing Andy, the face they know so well, as a newly invented bona fide rock star!

There is a lovely subtle message from the band that it’s cool to be an ‘Odd Sock’ and not one of the crowd plus a huge dollop of inspiration for kids to pick up an instrument and give it a go!

“This is album is utterly brilliant, whatever their ages the whole family love it! Funny lyrics and catchy tunes and a ‘myriad of sounds!’ Lovely gentle songs, rap, funk and drum and bass, it’s got it all!……join the Groovy Hoover love in!”

“This is by far the best children’s album we have ever had.  Our children are 2, 5 and 12 and they all love it. We each have our favourites and Mummy finds herself singing ‘Dinosaur Football Legend Mega Match’ well after the school run!

“My kids 6 & 3, (boy and girl) looooove this album!  Can’t recommend it enough”.