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Another World is Possible

“Another World is Possible”

Written on the ticker tape around the campsite surrounding St Paul’s Cathedral during the occupy movement of 2011 this mantra speaks to the longing to find a more, ethical, spiritual and social good to our world. Protest is important, but for hope to grow we must find a new narrative for the re-enchantment of life together.

Anglican priest, pioneer and poet Johnny Sertin will explore the place and purpose of community through a participatory culture, deep learning and the rituals of celebration. How does an ecosystem involving the relationship between the soil, soul and society act as the triune basis of community to form grass roots movements and networks that are self governed and full of beauty, sustainability and ingenuity?

We will explore rituals and ways that slow us down to help us become present and focus us towards a new and hope filled imaginary. We will look at how these form our personal and collective identity to shape a place to reflect a unique and contextually nuanced common life and good.

Johnny Sertin is an Anglican priest with experience in community relief and development, social enterprise and sustainability. He also developed a groundbreaking vocational learning community called make believe, hosted in Bournemouth Dorset, London, New Haven CT and Dallas TX. He loves nature and the outdoors as a place for learning and personal development. At his best he is a curator, feral, an agitator, rev, foodie, entrepreneur, a raconteur, rhymester, and dissenting ragamuffin. Communally – he is a member and activist in the Earlsfield Friary.