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Brother Wetlands DJ Set

“Hi, Brother Wetlands here!  Sorry I can’t get to the phone right now.  If you wold like information regarding my wide range of artisanal masculine hosiery, please press one; if you are enquiring after the whereabouts of Lorenzo Letsgo, please hold; if you need a swift pick-me-up of Sunday brain dance, dial 1-900-WETLANDS for a super hot party time, oh yeeeahhh!  (WARNING! May contain the music of Luke Vibert, Chaka Khan, The Meters, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Prince).  If you are still hoping to locate Lorenzo Letsgo, please continue to hold.”  Brother Wetlands returns to The Garden o’ Feeden for the Sunday night session at Shambala this year, expect those banqueting tables to be flexing under all the dancing girls and boys…