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Crayfish Bob – eco-hero, or mass murderer?

Bob has been trying to get rid of vast quantities of invasive non-native species (INNS) crayfish from British waterways for the last 15 years. He has a vision for a true eco-business where the environment is neatly served by commerce. Bob is stubbornly determined to see his eco-business solution work in a massive and truly significant way.
The world of INNS crayfish is a microcosm of the bigger world. He’ll tell you about how difficult things can be when you’d have thought otherwise. You will hear some observations on the way things work, or often don’t, because of compromise.
He’ll also question matters of luck, fate, life, death, pain, contentment and the general balance of things. Is there any reason, for example, for a vegetarian not to eat these INNS crayfish? They are not farmed, they are wild, organic and the Law dictates that we must destroy them? That sort of thing up for discussion. All while giving a crayfish cooking demonstration!