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Dear Diary…

At Dear Diary we read our diaries, letters and song lyrics transporting you back to the golden days of being a young tormented teenager. No one was cool aged 14 where our biggest problems were not having enough hair mascara or parents going out of their way to ruin everyone’s lives “and make sure no one thinks I’m cool for the rest of eternity ever” and musings on promiscuity (“I know just how Britney Spears feels. She probably didn’t mean to cheat on Justin, she just never had two massive rides trying to get with her in one night.”).

Come listen as we revisit those cringe-worthy diary entries as our present selves. Sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, and always embarrassing.

“A side splitting, gut wrenching, white knuckled ride through the darkest and stupidest depths of our teenage minds. Not to be missed”
– Hackney Irish Social Club

“All of the readings brought this tragic but amazing time to life perfectly. No one pretended that they were cool aged 14. Instead we all sniggered and revelled in the unashamed, song lyric quoting, boy fancying, snogging with tongues embarrassment of it all.” – Broke London Blog