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English Disco Lovers

The English Disco Lovers (aka the real ‘EDL’) have been raising money for worthy causes and promoting inclusivity for 5 years now. What started as an idea round a campfire has grown into a nationwide movement, using Disco’s message of unity and positive subversion constructively, and having so much fun doing it!

Shambala’s message is very similar and that’s why we’ve been partying with the English Disco Lovers for 3 years now. Time to go up a gear, and no better place to do it than 2017’s brand new disco venue. At last, we’ve got a dedicated area for all your old skool favourites: the finest in Disco, Funk, Motown and Soul.

On Saturday night, the English Disco Lovers will be taking over Botanical Disco, playing the whole damn caboodle of classic tunes from back in the day, adding their irrepressible mix of joy, humour and positive vibrations to the Disco mix. See you out on the floor!

They’re the English Disco Lovers, and so are you!