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The Feast of the Bonobos with Tristram Stewart

Tristram is the author of two internationally-published, award-winning books about food and the environment: The Bloodless Revolution and Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. He founded the environmental campaigning organisation, Feedback, which catalyzed a global movement against food waste, partly by hosting gargantuan feasts all made from food that would have been wasted – including Feeding the 5000 which has been held in over 40 cities worldwide.

More recently he founded Toast Ale, which transforms leftover fresh bread into craft ale and pours all profits to Feedback and is now using local sources of surplus bread to fuel parties from New York to Rejkyavik.  The Feast of the Bonobos is an immersive learning journey into the world of our closest animal relative, the Pygmy chimpanzee or Bonobo. Most famous for their promiscuous sex lives, arguably even more interesting is their practice of sharing food. When bonobos have a surplus they choose to share with strangers in preference over friends. They turn it into social capital and make new companions.

In a world in which one third of all the food grown for humans is currently wasted, just think how many new friends we could all make! Come and learn more about food waste, bonobos and then partake in a free feast in which you’ll be invited to find & feed strangers and ultimately recruit passing Shambalans to join the exuberant feeding frenzy. No selfie-eating will be permitted!