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Feeding your Inner Warrior with Nicky Clinch

Nicky Clinch is a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Macrobiotic Counsellor and Chef, who empowers people in their relationships to nourishment and to their lives. Nicky uses a complete holistic approach across food, body and self-transformation, helping others come back into alignment within themselves so they can begin to truly thrive.

In this workshop, Nicky will talk about how we need to feed and nourish all parts of who we are. Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. She will be speaking on how to listen to which parts of us are actually hungry and teaching us tools on how to feed all these parts. Allowing ourselves to become fully nourished and fulfilled in our lives.
So often we feed ourselves with only food when our hearts, minds and souls need feeding too.  If we use brownies to feed a longing for intimacy, we can enjoy the brownies but never quite get what we really need.  “By learning how to listen to which parts of us are truly hungry, we learn about who we are and how to take care of all our needs.  Helping us become more empowered in all areas of our life.” Nicky