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The Great Organic Debate with Nessie Reid and the Future Farm Lab

Future Farm Lab is a collective co-founded by three ladies who started their journeys in technical science. What happens with you combine a lab meat scientist, a synthetic biologist and a science journalist? An explosion of inquisitiveness, creativity, exploration and the creation of a collective whose aim is to reshape the food system by putting farmers back at the centre of it, connecting them with consumers, retailers and technology.

Now Future Farm Lab has grown into a team of scientists, artists, farmers, engineers, experience designers and more. Together we are all on a journey that spans the length and breadth of our food and farming system. We connect, curate and communicate by: conducting laboratory research, running workshops and experiments to investigate food; supporting and collaborating with agro-ecological and innovative groups within the food chain; and creating thought provoking talks and exhibitions to regain transparency and trust in our food system.

To really open up the organic discussion, give people more insight into what organic actually means, struggles with organic (farmer support to low input, not demonising conventional farming) highlight importance of organic+ (grass fed, local, seasonal, knowing your farmer (may practice organic but not be certified).

Nessie Reid is founder of The Milking Parlour: a 3 year research project exploring food and farming in the UK, via immersive, performance art with cows and milk.