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GutterFunk Presents: DJ Die x Dismantle x Randall x Inja

Bristol’s musical pioneer DJ Die’s imprint ‘GutterFunk’ is a multi genre label is an outlet for genre defying productions, collaborations, as well as a platform to push new talent.Bristol has always been a melting pot full of musical styles & GutterFunk stays true to the rich sonic heritage of the city.

DIEMANTALDJ Die and Digital Soundboy’s fructuous troublemaker Dismantle are both well known vibe purveyors in bass music. Together, however, their sound  is unlike anything you’d expect.

Buckets of breaks, dollops of disco, barrels of bass and fuck loads of funk are all thrown into the genre-snubbing pot which Die states is simple made “for the rave.”

What began as a one off beat jam Over The Edge, then a cheeky bootleg of James Brown this summer, has now upgraded into a full EP – The Way I Feel – out this week on Die’s Gutterfunk, it’s a strong sign of things to come.

Chinstrokers look elsewhere, the Diemantle story is one of two music lovers who have remembered why we love this music in the first place… To have fun!!

DJ RANDAL: Ask Andy C or Friction who their most influential DJ was back when they first got into drum & bass and we guarantee Randall will be top of the list.

Selecting and pioneering electronic music since the 1989’s infamous ‘summer of love’, Randall was a mainstay on the London pirate stations and the many illegal raves surrounding the movement. Alongside Fabio and Grooverider, Randall was one of the main DJs who’d navigated through the rapidly morphing and developing genres from acid house to hardcore techno to jungle techno to jungle to become one of the earliest DJs to really coin the early jungle sound.

Technically he was just as ahead of the curve, too as he’s one of the first DJs to really sharpen the double drop and utilise that particular characteristic of jungle and drum & bass’s arrangement. His 8am sets at A.W.O.L during the genre’s most essential foundation years are the stuff of legend and it’s there where the likes of Andy C would get inspired….

Eventually their paths crossed and one of Randall’s earliest productions was with Andy C and released on Ram in 1994: Sound Control.

INJA: Inja is an exceptional Artist and host whose work spans a huge variety of genres including hiphop, grime, drum and bass and freestyle poetry. His talent, energy and exceptional lyricism, both live and recorded, have garnered him continuous praise; a ‘lyrical wizard’ (IDj Magazine), with emcee skills ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ (HipHop Connection), he faultlessly crosses his musical barriers with the most recent ‘Skuff and Inja LP’ even displaying ‘forays into dancehall, electronica, vintage funk and contemporary folk’ (London Metro). He is one of the UK’s most energetic, crowd-pleasing and versatile performers.