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Healing Dance with Rubba

Explore how dance and movement are tools for healing. Rubba’s teachings of dance movements, stances, songs coupled with the healing vibrations of the drums are specifically designed to help with the healing of mind and body.

Norman Stephenson, affectionately known as Rubba (elastic band); is an Afrikan/global dance extraordinaire, celebrated performer & teacher. Rubba picked up his nickname as a 16 year old dancing in the streets of Bristol. His spiritual approach, fluid technique, rubber-like flexibility, supple movements and graceful style of dancing has endeared him to audiences, fellow dancers & students all over the world.

In his own words; “ African dance saved my life, I am forever grateful to the elders who introduced and taught me. Those who took me off the streets at a time when I had no prospects in life or so I thought and felt at the time. All I want to do now is give back and teach the children and broader community all I can and know. I can’t dance and teach forever, can I… ?