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Honeyfeet & Friends

Honeyfeet have been regulars at Shambala for several years now performing stand out shows in Wandering Word, Chai Wallahs and the Social Club.  This year we thought it was high time to present them on the Shambala Stage.  We’ve also asked them to bring along some friends too to make a really special show for you all!

For a good few years, Honeyfeet has been a conduit for the ideas and expressions of an exotic mixture of Manchester based musicians. Jazz? Yes, some of that! Folk? Stick that in there! Hip-hop? I thought you’d never ask!

Someone once called it Folk-Hop and Barrelhouse-pop, and that’s just vague enough to make sense. Honeyfeet have spent the past 8 years tearing around festival stages and theatres, clubs and fields melting down blues and pop, jazz and disco, pushing air molecules around with instruments and making friends in the process. It’s all very lovely. It helps that they are fronted by Ríoghnach Connolly, Real World’s newest signing and “a remarkable singer and flautist who…can ease from Irish traditional influences to soul” (The Guardian).