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Jeremy Toombs

A real life, bourbon-laced Kentucky beat poet, who (luckily for us) is now based in Bristol. He has published two collections ‘Ten Thousand Things’ and ‘Who Knows’ with Burning Eye Books.

Jeremy’s poetry interprets the 21st century world with the heart of a beat poet, the mind of a Romantic and the soul of the Harlem Renaissance, effortlessly combining traditional page poetry structures and techniques with a modernized performance style and crisp delivery to create a truly unique blend. His poetry is often delivered dryly yet sweetly and resonates in the mind of the listener as his streams of consciousness and sensuous imagery places the audience right in the heart of the narrative alongside him resulting in an authentic recreation of his experiences.

His poetry collection ‘Ten Thousand Things’ was published by Burning Eye Books in 2013, taking the reader on a spiritual and physical travelogue as it journeys from Kentucky to England via Alaska, Korea, Thailand and India, and presenting a variety of cultures, traditions, landscapes and emotions. Jeremy also runs the Arts House open mic in Bristol, which takes place every Friday night, and is the longest running poetry open mic in the city recently celebrating its 5th anniversary.