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Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith

Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith are a highly acclaimed folk duo who play traditional and original music of the British Isles.

Over the last three years they have built a reputation on the UK folk scene for arresting and moving performances. The songs themselves are always given centre stage but they are brought to life with sensitive musical arrangements and stunning vocals. There is an integrity that shines through their performances and a common thread of political struggle, resistance, and justice.

They have been heavily influenced by the songs and singers of East Anglia, where they both grew up, but their music also reflects the diversity of voices within the folk world.

Their debut album on Fellside Records was described as ‘utterly absorbing’ with ‘excellent musicianship and sympathetic instrumentation twinned with fine harmony singing.’

Their critically acclaimed second album, ‘Night Hours’ was released in December 2016. Described as ‘exhilaratingly diverse and full of impeccably crafted songs’, the album has created a real buzz around the duo and cemented their role as engaging musicians and social commentators within the British folk scene.