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Blankety Quiz Presents: Winning at Life!

Unlucky in love? Losing at life? Does every day feel like riding a broken bicycle into a black hole? Well here’s your chance to finally win, win, win! Sure, the array of charity-shop-bought prizes might be no real subsititute for lifelong happiness and job satisfaction, but let off a party popper or two and feel that golden glow of being better than someone!

We dragged Bristol’s number one quizmaster Keeno out of retirement to present this glitzy, starry gameshow that helps you get a foot up in life, by standing on the head of your opponent. Like the bastard mutant child of HIGNFY and Shooting Stars; Blankety Quiz will bring you laughs, prizes, truth and love.

Join us to explore the very nature of existence and then take the piss out of it and have a giggle. Because, no amount of mushrooms or meditation will help us find the answer to “life, the universe and everything”… Or will it?

Maybe in the process of figuring it out (which will be messy, random and rude) you’ll make a new friend, learn a new trick or just add a new memory that will flash before your eyes just before it’s all over.