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Lisa Kenwright ‘Goblin Fair’

Lisa is a storyteller based in the Southwest and tells tales rooted in the British landscape. Her passion is for reintroducing the joy and power of storytelling – the oldest form of literature – to adult audiences.

Each traditional storyteller has their own version of a tale, and yet never tells the same version twice. The audience co-creates the performance, helping to morph it into something different each time. Ancient patterns are re-used and re-crafted again and again to produce a story that is always new, always relevant. Lisa’s storytelling show at the Imaginarium will be based on tales about the “Fair Folk”, in a setting that festival-goers might recognise. But beware, for these are traditional fairies; frightening, capricious, and as likely to rob your tent and curse you as grant you a wish.

Lisa Kenwright is the Director of Mr Rook’s Speak Easy, a regular storytelling night in Somerset and also runs Summerlands Storytelling Festival