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Plant-based Group Therapy with Geoff DeVito

Within 2 hours (and 9 tequilas) of meeting the woman who would become his wife Geoff DeVito did what any man in his position would do-swore to become a vegan to impress a date.  Banishing all meat, dairy and any animal derived foods from his kitchen Geoff rode the vegan wave, successfully, all the way to the alter and beyond. Worshiping at the church of spinach and finding nutritional balance was beautiful and Geoff’s life was one big plant based ray of sunshine. After countless meals explaining his (new) plant based philosophies, countless frustrations dining out and countless avoidances of the word vegan, Geoff’s strength started to waiver.  Why was it he’d made these choices and worse yet- what happened if (and when) a bowl of fondue, pepperoni pizza or Maine Lobster drunk dialed and he answered?

In his second year speaking at the Garden ‘O Feeden Geoff talks honestly about this roller coaster ride radicalizing his eating behavior and losing quite a few friends in the process.  What happens if you fall off the plant based wagon and how the heck can you ever get back on it? This is an hour we can all relate to-even if we won’t admit it!