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Lydia Higginson X Antiform: Who made my clothes?

The world consumes 80 billion pieces of clothing a year. The fashion industry now sits right behind the oil industry as the second most polluting trade in the world. In this session we will explore how the clothing choices we make have the power to make social, political, environmental and personal statements about the world we want to live in. We will shed some light on how clothing manufacturing can become more open sourced, so that everyone can learn to make totally unique, bespoke garments for themselves. We will introduce you to some of the ethical British fashion brands whose sustainable practices are transforming the way clothes are designed, made and worn. Plus we will giving you your very own needle and thread to start a fashion revolution right here at Shambala.

Lydia Higginson is a designer, pattern cutter and seamstress. In 2016 she set herself the challenge to give away all the clothes she had ever bought from shops and make her entire wardrobe from scratch. Her blog www.mademywardrobe.com documented the journey she went on garment by garment. She teaches workshops and courses from her studio the Bristol Textile Quarter. She’ll be teaming up with Antiform, a forward-thinking British fashion company with an irregular twist, pushing the boundaries of ethical, sustainable design by using reclaimed materials and mixing fashion forward shapes with heritage craft.