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“Mine!” – a Strange Human Obsession

We are constantly reminded by society that we are what we own. Those with nothing are worthless and the more you have, the more you are valued. We engage in a relentless struggle to achieve success by owning more. But what can you own? Your body?…. your mind?… your possessions? Not so.

In this provocative discussion, Professor Bruce Hood will challenge you to look at ownership more closely and recognize how it controls your life. How the values we place on the world are less to do with ownership but more to do with our insecurity and need to be accepted.

Bruce is Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society at Bristol University and founder of the expert speaker network Speakezee. In 2011, he presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, “Meet Your Brain,” on the BBC and has written three popular science books, SuperSense, The Self Illusion and The Domesticated Brain. He is currently working on his fourth book about ownership.