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Msafiri Zawose DJ/Percussion Set

Msafiri Zawose is the son and musical heir of Hukwe Zawose – who toured extensively as a part of Peter Gabriel’s Real World roster in the 80s and 90s. Huwke’s legacy is huge, but Msafiri has stepped into the limelight with his own take on traditional Wagogo culture, mixed and blended with a variety of contemporary influences. Like his father, Msafiri creates and builds his own instruments, is a master of the ilimba (thumb piano), and both the small and large zeze. As the musical heir of the Zawose clan, Msafiri has developed a distinctive style over the course of 3 albums and is set to rewrite the rule book for contemporary Tanzanian music with his next full length release.

Performing solo or leading a larger 
ensemble (mainly made up of family
 members) Msafiri has developed into a
 phenomenal live act – balancing virtuosic
 playing of several instruments with rich, evocative vocals and songwriting that effortlessly switches from deeply moving to joyously uplifting.

Msafiri has toured the States as a solo artist and performed at numerous festivals worldwide with his band. He was selected to be a part of the Nile Project, has been the focus of a CNN artists feature and is undoubtedly the most talented Tanzanian artist of his generation.

This year at Shambala, Msafiri will be performing three, contrasting sets. The show on the Shambala Stage will explore that full range of his new material, while the Sankofa’s set will be a purely acoustic affair.  In Barrio Afrika, he will perform alongside a DJ and together they will conjure mayhem on the dancefloor!