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Oh My God! It’s The Church

“This has to be the best ever church service I’ve ever been to. Never has repenting looked, sounded or felt so good. All religions should stand up and take note. And serve absinthe.” -Josh Jones, Features Editor le cool London

It’s time all you sinners went back to church. To a service where party is the new praising, where you’ll be baptised in absinthe and made to dance with the devil himself. Hell, even Jesus gets down and dirty at this show!

‘Oh My God! It’s The Church’ is a raucous interactive party experience and parody of a Deep South Pentecostal church brimming with the best Soul, Motown and Disco tunes. Fronted by the insane pastor ‘Michael Alabama Jackson’ the service leads the audience through wild sermons of religious ecstasy.

Fusing music, dance, theatre and comedy the show comprises of one preacher, three choirgirls and an organ player who create an all-encompassing Pentecostal parody party experience that engages the audience from the very first hymn. Come and kiss the ring of redemption, get ready to Sin, be saved and then Sin all over again in this holy and hilarious hootenanny.

Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson and DJ Sister Mary Lou can also be found on Soho Radio preaching ‘Salvation Radio’ every Sunday from 1pm alongside entertainment legends The Cuban Brothers, Norman Jay MBE and Son of Dave.