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Phil Kay

Come see a man from whom the words just flow in a bawdy stream of comic conciousness.
Cyclist..father and renowned follower of the nose..

Phil Kay is has cosmically comic storytelling mind on legs, speaking about his day, and his adventures, calamities and hair-brained schemes; buying Machetes in Venezuela; PrimalScream threatening his Puppy; arguing with the police whilst in his bath..
It just doesn’t stop, the man may improvise a song of his journey to the gig or of his love of the room.. Its Planet Anecdote and positivity is Wholly Viable..

“Phil Kay’s been doing storytelling in his stand-up since before it was recognised as a sub-genre of the current scene…” The Times 2011

“The man remains one of the most consistently brilliant and uncompromising comedians of his and future generations.” The Metro

“..mesmerising headf*** genius.” TimeOut London