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In Place Of War discuss Women & Activism

A panel discussion featuring women artists from areas of conflict across the world – incorporating debate, stories, rap, performance, music & protest.

For the past thirteen years, In Place of War has worked with creative communities in some of the most challenging context in the world. In Place of War is a support system for community artistic, creative and cultural organisations in places of conflict, revolution and areas suffering the consequences of conflict.

They listen to creative communities and respond by providing innovative, do-it-together solutions for grassroots challenges, sourced from their global community of change-makers. Their community spans over 100 grassroots community organisations with a collective reach of over 60 million people in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

In the current times of growing divisions across the world, global instability and the increased movement of people fleeing war, the work by communities on the ground to make opportunity and peace is more important than ever and In Place of War’s work to support them is crucial.