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Poetry Madness with Jonny Fluffypunk

Join Jonny Fluffypunk on a lively journey to discover your inner poet. Find it, then coax it out of you. Tempt it into the light with word-biscuits and verse-buns. See how it enjoys the love and warmth of this fun, supportive workshop.

There will be coloured pens and scribbling and laughter. There might be aliens. There might be unicorns. There might be anything. It depends what you can find in your heart amongst the half-chewed sweets and the fluff. At the end of it, watch as that poet spreads its wings, takes a deep breath and leaps from the safety of your little mouth-perch. It can FLY!

For hyperactive morning children and knackered parents. Or vice versa. AGE GROUP: Age 5-10, or older if you’re prepared to be young again.