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Positive Meditation with Mark Dunn

If you would like to have a more positive outlook on life then Positive Meditation is for you. This a powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation and Positivity techniques which will help you to understand the causes of your mood-swings and to let go of negative emotions.

Within our busy lives, it’s often hard to find time to sit and meditate, and our mindfulness practices can fall away despite our best intentions. In these gentle classes you will learn how to meditate anytime, anywhere, enabling you to notice and undo stress as it arises. 

Positivity training allows you to become more aware of negative thinking patterns and how they affect your body and moods. Learn how to change your negative stories: letting go of the stressful ‘needs’ and ‘shoulds’ so that you move from feeling resistance and discomfort into a positive state where everything simply flows.