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Shambala Speaks:

Mark Grist is an artist and educator, based in Peterborough, and went from being an English teacher who shot to fame doing Battle Raps as ‘The Count of Monte Gristo’ and turned that into a sell-out true-life storytelling show called ‘Rogue Teacher’. He tours as a poet with the ‘Dead Poets’ crew, writes poems and live shows that tour all around the world and is a regular festival performer.

Michael Kossew is the founder of Natural Born Storytellers and creator of Tellit Festival, the UK’s first ever true-life storytelling festival. He runs true-life storytelling workshops throughout the country for people and businesses, hosts regular storytelling nights and is active on the festival circuit.

Together they have devised a workshop called ‘Release Your Inner Bard!’ a blend of true-life storytelling, poetry and spoken word that they are debuting at Shambala Festival this year. Helping the people of Shambala shape their true stories into performances of poetry and spoken word by adding musicality and rhythm to their words. The graduates of their workshop will be taking to stage for the first time in ‘Shamabla Speaks’!