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Smash Hifi Live

SMASH HIFI is the story of Leeroy and Marten; two friends doing what they love the most, making music!

Leeroy spent more than half of his life as part of arguably the most influential electronic music band in the world, The Prodigy. After leaving the band to focus on his solo career he started to look for a new exciting and fresh sound and again started to travel the world, but this time as a DJ.

This is where he found Marten Hørger, a DJ and production enthusiast, hailed as the future of breakbeat by DJ Magazine. Leeory and Marten soon joined forces and have since become a main stay on the club and festival circuit in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, England and the Ukraine.

Together, they pump out genre jumping sets, buzzing with the sound of Breaks, Bass, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, and everything in between, celebrating every night as if its their last!

Why? Because they love it, and so do we.