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How to Summon Inspiration on Demand

With Spiritual Psychology of Acting creator, John Osborne Hughes.

Life is so much better when you are inspired!  How does it arise? What blocks it? Is it possible to create it on demand, and if so, how?  This workshop will take a close look at the phenomena of inspiration, both from a psychological, as well as a spiritual perspective and provide you with the knowledge and practical techniques to put you in a state of inspiration at will, and thereby enhance every aspect of your life.

John Osborne Hughes is a London based stage and screenwriter, director and acting teacher. He is the creator of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting, teaching regular workshops in London, New York and Los Angeles, along with masterclasses to Universities and Drama Schools. He also offers popular seminars and workshops on practical psychology, meditation, creative visualisation and communication skills, for clients including M&c Saatchi and the Soho house group in London.

John produced, wrote, directed and performed in the hugely successful stage play, ‘Beyond Ecstasy’. The project is currently in development as a feature film. John has also worked internationally as an underground House and Techno DJ.