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U Roy & The Robotiks

What a massive treat it is to welcome the pioneering Jamaican vocalist U-Roy and his kick ass band, The Robotiks, to Shambala.

Though it is an oft over used term, U Roy truly deserves the description of “living legend” having kicked off his career on the seminal Treasure Isle label. when, in 1970 alone, he, alongside the producer Duke Reid, released 3 hits that made the top ten- Wear you to the ball, Version Galore and You’ll Never Get Away,  Immediately U Roy was clearly a new and exciting phenomenon- a phenomenon that kicked off the all the talkers, chatters, toasters and rappers that would follow… the age of the MCs had begun!

This year, U Roy is releasing a brand new album on Mad Professor’s timeless label, Ariwa.  The album, “Talking Roots” contains a broadside sample of the career of the King of the Rappers.  The album maintains reggae’s legacy of broadcasting current affairs, especially on the track “Repatriation” where U Roy touches on Mr Trump’s immigration policy, like a BBC reporter, cleverly without agreeing or disagreeing.  On other tracks he explores more jovial topics such as the bitter cola nut, the original sexual health weapon from Africa and on the track “Teacher Morris” he reflects on school boy romantic fantasy.

What a treat it is to welcome a legend who has been performing and producing music for almost 50 years while still remaining relevant, though provoking and blazing a path for others to follow.

We cannot wait!