Shambala isn’t just about dancing on hay bales until the sun comes up. Our crowd are an inquisitive bunch, and each year we endeavour to seek out the best speakers, facilitators, debaters and workshop leaders in the land, to feed brains and expand horizons.

Our 2018 ‘Big Ideas’ line up will be listed here, around May – so do check back!

Consider the following venues your one-stop shops for cerebral awakening.

The Imaginarium

A forum for ideas based on the coffeehouses of yore, a place to debate with strangers, exchange ideas and hatch out a visionary utopian plan for the world – all fuelled by a late-night dose of caffeine. Its raison d’être is to inspire, challenge, provoke and entertain all who visit.

Rebel Soul

Politics thinly veiled as entertainment. This gem of a venue hosts the country’s frontline campaigners. They bring you the people who will ask the big questions, and then help you answer them. Their cafe is well stocked with books and zines – with all proceeds going to support grass root campaigns.

The Garden O’ Feeden

Food for thought (and hungry tummies). Make yourself comfortable and listen to a talk from one of our foodie experts; or make your voice heard and join one of our debates about all things edible and ethical.


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