Book yourself and your friends in for one of our fantastical Garden o’ Feeden Feasts.
Hosted inside this sumptuous banquet hall of a tent, let your taste buds be tantalized by one of our championed chefs, with something for everyone, whilst celebrating plant-based eating in all it’s glory.

Let yourself be taken on a culinary journey with Bristol’s Food and Theatre Company’s Food Journeys Feast on Friday, or join the Milgi Banquet and Nature Disco on Saturday night, or if it’s family fun you’re after be treated by Michelin starred chef Josh Eggleton and his Pony & Trap team from Chew Magna to a roast dinner on Sunday, where food that would otherwise be wasted is high up on the agenda.
Think table service and a proper-sit-down-affair that’ll give any fancy pants eating establishment a run for their money.
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