Enchanted Wood Waiting Game 2019 Shambala © Garry Jones

The Waiting Room

Order! Order! In keeping with Shambala 2019’s Extinction theme, The Waiting Room are here to herald in the extinction of the illusion of democracy as we know it, with their infamous blend of high theatrics and immersive idiocy.

Think rowdy backbenchers, drunken lords, raucous commotion in the public gallery, endless cabinet reshuffles and a never ending, brain bending cycle of motions. Brave brownies block bridges with persistent, peaceful protest and petitions proliferate as we design a democracy that is fit for purpose and in saving the planet, save ourselves…Hurrah!

We can’t give too much away, suffice to say that The Waiting Room will be putting the party firmly back in party politics with house DJ’s Hoo Har Vs Gumbo, a guest appearance from the London Disco Society, and returning house band ‘Whiplash’, culminating in a seriously silly public assembly sure to go down in Shambalan history. Think the house of commons couldn’t get any weirder than it already is? Think again.