Around The Site

Accessibility around the Festival

Most of the main site is flat and easily accessible in good weather. In wet weather some areas do get muddy. We provide trackway over the worst areas but in previous years people have had problems with some wheelchairs over the whole site. We do our best to keep everyone moving but do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions. We do keep an Information Board in the ACA with details of any problems as soon as we know about them.

The Wilderness Woodland does have areas of rougher ground amongst the trees which may cause difficulties for some chairs and scooters even in good weather, and the path is a gravel surface which can be difficult for wheelchair users. At night, light levels are often fairly low as part of the art installations and the area can become quite crowded, again this may cause difficulties for some people. There are no toilets in this area.

The Healing Area is in a meadow with long grass. Access to this area is via a series of ramped bridges and pathways that may also degrade in very bad weather.

There will be seats available around the site and in most of the major venues.

We are afraid that we don’t have any wheelchairs or mobility scooters that we can lend out. If you can walk short distances but tire easily, you may want to consider hiring one and bringing it with you in case you need it. We are currently looking into a recommended supplier who can deliver to site – email us if you think you may need to hire a mobility vehicle.

If you use sticks or crutches consider how they will work in mud or soft ground, some people use special attachments to help them.

Viewing Platforms

There will be a viewing platforms at the main stage, Kamikaze and Chai Wallah venues which will be stewarded during performance times. We do understand that you would like to have your friends, family and carers with you but we do ask that you bring a maximum of two people with you and that they move off the platform if it becomes crowded so that other people with disabilities can use it as a priority. There will be some chairs available on this platform. The platform is stewarded and you and your guests will need an ACA wristband which you can get from either the Accessible Camping Area.

Some of the other tents and marquees will also have a viewing area marked out or signed wheelchair access route – further details will be available onsite.


We have accessible toilets located around the main site – for locations see the map in the program and  the Essential Guide to Shambala sent to all ticket buyers 10 days in advance of the event. Not all units have a tap located nearby, so it’s best to bring hand sanitiser in case.

All accessible units will  be locked with RADAR padlocks, so please bring a RADAR key with you. If you need to borrow one, please contact us in advance. We can usually lend keys for the weekend with a deposit, while stock last.