Accessible Camping Area

The Accessible Camping Area (ACA) is a flat camping area close to the main festival site with a layout to allow clear access into tents. It is intended for those with impaired mobility or visual disability or those who would find it difficult to camp in the main public areas.

Demand for spaces in the ACA is increasing so please do apply in advance of the festival by using the form below before August 1st or we may not be able to guarantee you a place, particularly if you are hoping to bring a live-in vehicle such as a camper or caravan. Please also note that ACA applications close on 1st August to enable us to provide the correct information to users in advance.  Sometimes people get to the festival and only then realise that they need to camp in the ACA, if that happens then please come to see us and we will try to help but we will not be able to move your vehicle, and this is dependent on space available.

You will still have to purchase the appropriate pass for your vehicle whether it is a car or a live-in vehicle and these passes are limited. Please note that Live-in Vehicle passes always run out first.

The ACA is located close to the main Shambala Stage and arena. The area is flat with vehicle access mostly via hard standing, although you will have to drive onto grass to get onto the ACA itself. There will be accessible toilets and showers and a wheelchair charging point inside a marquee. It is not in a public area, access is controlled by wristband and there will be 24-hour stewarding so it is quieter than the public areas in terms of people passing, however it is near to the main stage and late-night venues so there is music noise at night. If you are worried about the noise but want to camp in the ACA, our visitors have found disposable earplugs useful in previous years.

We can accommodate tents, camper vans and caravans in the ACA, but please note we can only accept vehicles up to a maximum of 6m in length as there is quite a tight turn to negotiate from the track onto the campsite. Please contact us if you have a larger vehicle.

Unlike the rest of the public areas, we allow you to bring your car up to the campsite to unload your gear, however please note that we do not allow cars to be parked next to tents for safety reasons. We do have a small number of car parking spaces very close by (across a fire lane) for those who really need their cars close to their tents throughout the festival and there will be other parking spaces a short distance away again for the rest.

Groups are limited to 4 people (that is one person with disabilities and three guests or carers) including children over 12. If you would like to camp in a larger group you are welcome to camp in the public camping areas and then come to the ACA to use the accessible facilities.

The rules on fires are the same in the ACA as elsewhere onsite – you can see them on this page, however we also have our own communal fire for everyone to enjoy.

Please see the application form for the ACA at the bottom of this page.

 Camping in the other areas

You are, of coursem free to camp in any of the public areas. If you are not sure whether you should use the ACA or would be better in one of the public areas, please do contact us and we will try to advise you. Some of the quietest areas are up a sloping field with no hard-standing or trackway, but there are also flat areas, particularly in Family Camping which is fairly close to the main public entrance. You will not be allowed to drive vehicles onto any of the public camping areas, there are no exceptions to this, but please email us about your needs and we will try to advise you. Shambala does have some wheelbarrows which you can hire for a deposit to help move gear from the public parking areas. If you have a Blue Badge you can ask to park in one of our accessible parking spaces closest to the entrance (subject to availability).

Another issue to consider, particularly if you are not used to festivals, is that people do pack their tents in very close together, much closer than on a private campsite. If you need clear access to your tent door for a wheelchair, or if you have a visual impairment, you may find it easier to camp in the ACA where we can offer a space that gives a clear access route. If you would still like to camp in the public area we would advise you to try to place your entrance directly onto a fire lane, otherwise you may get back to your tent to find someone has inadvertently blocked your access.

Wherever you camp the ACA Team is available to advise you on the terrain and facilities so please do contact us. Once onsite you can contact us via the Info Point.

If you would like to camp in the public areas, but still need to use the facilities in the ACA (for example the wheelchair recharging) you are free to do so. Contact us once you are onsite and we will advise you.

APPLYING for the Accessible Camping Area (ACA)

If after reading the information above you feel that you need to camp in the ACA please fill out the application form at the bottom of the page as soon as possible. All information will be kept in compliance with the Data Protection Act. When you apply you will added you to our mailing list to receive information and updates about accessibility at Shambala.

Please note that use of the ACA is separate from the application for a free carer ticket for a Personal Assistant, you would still need to fill out the form to apply for space in the ACA. You do not have to camp in the ACA if you have received a free ticket, and should only do so if you feel you need the facilities to help you enjoy your visit to Shambala. Similarly if you do not qualify for a two-for-one ticket but feel you need to use the ACA you can still register for a place.

The ACA is for use by people who are disabled under the terms of the Equality Act 2010. Temporary injuries and pregnancy are not regarded as disability. If you are not sure if you qualify, please email us and we will try to advise you.

Crew, Traders and Artists

The above information is written with public ticket buyers in mind, but also applies to all members of the Shambala crew, traders and any artists performing at the festival. If you are a member of one of these groups and feel you need to camp in the ACA or use any of our facilities then please contact us using the contact form HERE (choose Accessibility) and we will advise you. Please note that crew, artist and trader passes do not give vehicle access to the ACA and you must contact us in advance to make sure you have the right accreditation.

Queries & Questions

Please direct any ticket related queries directly to our ticket agents. We will not be able to reply to any eligibility questions regarding free carer tickets directly.

Any other questions can be directed to the Accessibility email found on the contact page.

Accessible Camping Area (ACA) Application Form