Personal Assistant Tickets

We offer a free ‘PA ticket’ for a Personal Assistant if you receive Middle or Higher Rate DLA or the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), are aged 18+ and would not be able to come to the festival without assistance.

This ticket must be purchased over the phone 0844 870 0000. Proof of DLA or PIP support must be provided on entry. For clarification of eligibility for free PA tickets please contact the ticket agents via the contacts page.

PA Tickets are also available for those with under 18’s who require more than one carer. Please contact the accessibility team to discuss eligibility from the contacts page.

Artists & Crew

For artists and crew who may require a PA ticket, please click HERE to make a request. The same eligibility policy applies as above.

Queries & Questions

Please direct any ticket related queries directly to our ticket agents (The Ticket Sellers) using the website contact form HERE. We will not be able to reply to any eligibility questions regarding PA tickets directly.