A long standing partner of Shambala, FareShare South West are an incredible food redistribution charity- who channel ‘good, in date’ food from the food industry to those who need it most.

FareShare South West has teamed up with A Greener Festival, and the Nationwide Caterers Association, on the Eighth Plate project. An Initiative which specifically targets edible food waste at Festival events. The collaboration was born following growing evidence that a significant amount of edible food is being wasted at festivals in the UK.

In 2016, Eighth Plate collected half a tonne of food from Shambala’s campers and traders, which they turned into 1,055 meals which they distributed via 180 charity organisations across the Bristol area.

Of course, the best thing is not to bring excessive food on site but if you do have unopened packets of food, please drop off at the campsite hubs rather than in the bins, so it can be redistributed.

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