Here it is – the main musical announcement for Shambala 2017 in alphabetical order. We’re just an I, P, Q and X short of having the entire alphabet covered. Next year, perhaps.

As many of you know, Shambala’s a bit different when it comes to music. We avoid the obvious and instead provide a unique soundtrack that you won’t find elsewhere that perfectly compliments the vibe, atmosphere and rhythm of your weekend.

Shambalans can always expect a heady mixture of the roots and heritage of old, alongside some of the newest, freshest sounds from all around this globe of ours. The line up is an exploration of where the music scene is at, but equally importantly, an exploration of where it all comes from.

To celebrate our line up release, we’re giving away 2 full adult weekend tickets to Shambala Festival over on our Facebook page – find out more and enter HERE. We’ll pick the lucky winner at random at the start of April!

We’ve still got plenty of surprises up our sleeves to throw at you between now and August so stay tuned, and keep a keen eye on our music listings page, HERE.

Love, the Shambala team x