Shambala Festival 2013

Make Sure You Bring A Bottle To This Year’s Festival.

After the overwhelming success of last year’s Bring a Bottle Campaign, we’re once again asking all crew, artists and festival-goers to bring a permanent water bottle (not glass!) with them and to re-use it. Last year we installed loads more taps across the site and provided free chilled and filtered water at all the main bars! A staggering 94% of you thought it was a great idea and supported the project wholeheartedly, so thank you!

There are huge areas of floating plastic and polystyrene debris in the South Pacific. It’s harmful for wildlife and the plastics break down into tiny particles entering the entire food chain. The issue and associated images act as a striking illustration of how wasteful and irresponsible modern consumer society can be. This is what prompted us to make Shambala the first bottled-water-free UK festival, meaning that there were no bottles of water on sale anywhere in 2013 and the same goes for this year!

We will be working with charity FRANK Water on this initiative who will provide BPA-free permanent water bottles for sale at their stall, free chilled water and information about the water development projects we will be supporting. In 2013, Shambalans prevented over 10,000 plastic bottles being used once and chucked away which helped to keep the site tidy at the same time. We’d love to have you on board again to help us achieve the same brilliant results for 2014!


Find out more about how we are making Shambala a disposable plastic free festival HERE