BLOW 3.0

Shambala, prepare to dance. BLOW 3.0 is the reincarnation of BLOW, the masked three-piece band that have taken the streets of Paris, London, Lille, Cologne, Antwerp and Ghent by storm since 2011 – armed with just two saxophones and a drum kit.

Shrouded in mystery and belting out a contagious mix of dance, hiphop, drum ‘n base and jazz, they’ve since taken the act from the street to the stage – thanks to a few viral videos – appearing all over Europe and as far afield as Brazil.

Two saxophones roar like guitars and pump like synths, supported by a mesmerising drum beat. Now experimenting with guitar pedals and samples, leading to a broader spectrum of musical freedom, this is a new incantation of the original act, and it is presented to you as BLOW 3.0.