DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS? Anti Diet Riot Club & Adah Parris

Instagram, snapchat filters, mobile apps. it’s no longer just the ‘gift’ of digital experts who have helped create a skewed lens of the ‘perfect’ body, wardrobe or lifestyle.  We’ve been doing it to ourselves.  

Leap forward Anti-Diet Riot Club, a movement geared towards inspiring and unleashing the rebels inside of us. The one’s who say “screw you” to the media and naysayers who try to give us the gift of insecurity.  

Adah Parris, Futurist, Life Hacker and Artist work centres on identity, culture, communities and individual and collective storytelling. Adah will interview Becky Young, founder of Anti Diet Riot Club, to explore what they’re doing to help us all say “no” those unwanted gifts and reframe our own stories from those profiled in the media.