The Jungle Boogie

Previously our famed Botanical Disco, The Jungle Boogie is part tropical greenhouse, part seething New York discotheque.

Nowadays, the word ‘disco’ can conjure up sticky-floored memories of church halls, boys on one side, girls on the other, while some well meaning mum tries to get you all dancing to the Village People. Back in the late sixties and early seventies, disco meant hedonistic hangs on the Lower East Side. It meant leather daddies and sneering disco freaks, gyrating bodies, thudding basslines and soaring vocals. A place outside the mainstream, where those of different races, genders and sexualities could come together, dance, love and worship at the church of rhythm. Disco was off-beat, hedonistic, under the radar and damn sexy.

Take our hands, duck under the trailing jungle creepers, bathe in the refracted glow of our GIANT disco ball, reflecting lush, tropical vegetation. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get down and dirty as your pulse becomes a four-to-the-floor bassline and the good vibes flood your bloodstream. Come for disco abandon and stay for intricately weaved treats of melodic house and hotter-than-hot techno spun in. Flashing strobe lights, sweating bodies, full-out limb flailing and an ecstatic all night communion, in a beautiful, Eden-esque garden setting with a tropical micro climate of it’s own making.

Delve into the 2019 line up below…