Abuela Abuelo

Nestled on the far side of the Meadow, Abuela Abuelo is an all new circular haven celebrating womxn and ancestry. Honouring the great spirits of our ancestors, it is a venture with womxn on their musical adventures. In tribute to all the grandmothers (abuelas) and grandfathers (abuelos) who have inspired our creative journeys, this hidden gem is ready to sound out the power of our generation in all its feminine wonder.

Each night as darkness falls, songstresses from around the world take to the stage. Easing you into your Shambala night Abuela Abuelo’s DJs will spin n’ scratch through a history of music playing with and paying homage to our roots and (off) shoots.

Make your peaceful journey across the bridge to honour your grandparents. Celebrating feminine power, roots and routes, Abuela Abuelo is open to all!

Check back for our 2020 line up landing in Spring!