The Imaginarium

A forum for ideas based on the coffeehouses of yore, a place to debate with strangers, exchange ideas and hatch out a visionary utopian plan for the world – all fuelled by a late-night dose of caffeine. Its raison d’être is to inspire, challenge, provoke and entertain all who visit.

In the 17th Century, this “newfangled abominable heathenish liquor called COFFEE” transformed London, brought people together, and inspired brilliant ideas that made the modern, enlightened world. It was a time that cherished the face-to-face exchange of ideas, and its lifeblood was conversations with strangers. Poets and scientists jostled elbow to elbow with butchers and vicars; likewise here at Shambala people of all professions and schools of thought will drink coffee together and brew brilliant ideas. The programme will have all manner of brain stimulation: talks, debates, storytelling and of course, delicious coffee.