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Belle Chen

Wile away the end of the festival with some musical bliss at the treehouse stage. 

Belle Chen’s music is a curious blend of classical, jazz, experimental and world genres.

Her approach to music often reveals elements of surprise and wonder, whilst retaining the tonal aesthetic of classical and post-classical language as her compositional style draws upon a range of textures from experimental, jazz, and world music genres.

As a pianist-composer, Belle Chen’s works have been nominated for Australian Music Prize, handpicked as Classic FM’s Album of The Weekend, ABC

Classic FM’s Feature Album, and is frequently heard on radio across UK, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Her recent commissions and synchs include BBC Sounds, BBC Concert Orchestra, Gucci Archive, London Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and The Joffrey Ballet Chicago.

Recognised as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, Belle has built her recorded catalogue under her own artist label, Eito Music in London.

Recently she signed to release an immersive audio studio album with Platoon in 2023.