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Ëda Diaz

Welcome to the Franco-Colombian Republic of Ëda Diaz! Here, we eat pancakes with salted butter caramel while sipping fresh coconut limonada. In the background you can hear “haute-couture” pop woven with traditional Colombian rhythms such as bambuco viejo or vallenato. In this atmosphere that is both Latin and hushed, where the sun charms melancholy, the singer-bassist celebrates “beauty in chaos” and affirms her duality as a binational woman. 

Steeped in Latin tradition, since 2017 Ëda Diaz has been exploring and refining her colourful, rich and elegant “Colombian French touch”. In this poetic space open to dance, her music rubs shoulders with traditional sounds from Latin America, experimental pop influences and electronic, industrial productions, echoes of the city.

On either side of the Atlantic, Ëda connects her different facets in music and defends the complexity of her heritage. And what a legacy! Eléonore Diaz-Arbelaez officially began her musical journey at the age of 8 on the piano. Daughter of a Colombian urban planner and a French milliner who met on a flight from Montevideo to Paris, she moved very early between two cultures, traveling from one continent to another until she confused French and Spanish. So that she never felt disconnected from her Hispanic roots, her father used music and introduced her to the greats: Buena Vista Social Club, Joe Arroyo, Julio Jaramillo… Here again, she is built between two worlds, both forged by the rigor of the classical conservatory and awakened by family reunions where her precious grandmother “Nenita” introduced her to Latin American folklore.