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La Forastería

La Forastería is a music tribe lead by singer Toni Volpen and multi-instrumentalist Matías Petruzzi. Their shows are live set performances mixing Afro American/Latino American roots music with modern genres such as electronic music, funk, psychedelic, reggae, dub and rock. Their sound joins mystic, danceable beats and textures to go on a colourful sonic trip. 

La Forastería invites you to inhabit a new state of presence and to let yourself be carried away by the groove and textures, to find yourself again in a new state of consciousness. Their show is an invitation to dance, but also for introspection and contemplation, nurturing the celebration of life and expression. Bask in the collective energy with sound as a powerful medicine to heal the spirit. La Forastería is sowing a new paradigm, living the way they play and playing as they live. Their music is born from a permaculture lifestyle with an understanding that everything that comes from nature springs, flourishes and generates a drive for life.