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Manudigital ft Dapatch

Manudigital is a beatmaker, bassist and sought-after music producer on the international Reggae/Dub scene. He started his career as a bassist in several bands such as Babylon Circus, before focusing on production and creating a hybrid music infused with his multiple influences, from Reggae and all its sub-genres, to Electro/Bass Music passing by Jungle or Drum & Bass. Since his solo debut with the albums “Digital Pixel” (2016) and “Bass Attack”(2018), he has also released a plethora of EPs and collaborative projects, surrounding himself with artists from all over the world such as Alborosie, L’Entourloop, Alo Wala, Skarra Mucci and Liam Bailey to name just a few. With more than 800 shows performed all over the globe, Manudigital is known for his live performances during which he mixes his bass and beatmaker skills to create a unique experience. Today, he is considered as one of the most influential Reggae producers.