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Sacred Visions: Visionary Art as a Gateway to Ancient Memories

Embark on a transformative exploration of visionary art and its profound role in reawakening ancient memories. 

As a Two-Spirit indigenous artist of Taíno descent, Sixto Luna will share their experience and journey of tapping into dreams and visionary states to channel genetic memories into visual form. 

Drawing from the rich tapestry of their fascination with ancient civilizations and the concept of a globally interconnected spiritual past, their artwork serves as a bridge to our collective roots. 

In this engaging talk, Sixto Luna will delve into their artistic and meditative process, revealing how they access and interpret ancestral memories, and how these visions inform their creative expression. 

Through vivid examples of their work, you will witness the powerful intersection of art, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. This conversation will not only illuminate the role of visionary art in preserving, accessing and reviving our shared heritage but also inspire deeper connection to our own ancestral stories and the wisdom teachings. 

Whether you are an artist, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the intersections of art and spirituality, this talk offers a unique perspective on the power of visual expression to awaken and honour our ancestral past.