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Tarren is an ambassador for New-Folk; music that is fresh and dynamic, still rooted in the English tradition. Original and traditional material is expertly arranged by this trio of musicians who are creating music that moves and excites. By creating emotion-driven music and incorporating modular hooks and minimalist forms, Tarren is leading folk music to a new place, while keeping the pulse of traditional dance at its heart.

Tarren is made up of Bristol-based artists Sid Goldsmith (Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith, Awake Arise), Alex Garden (The Drystones, Harriet Riley & Alex Garden) and Danny Pedler (Pedler // Russell). They combine cittern and concertina, fiddle, and accordion to create their music.

Tarren’s debut album REVEL was released in 2022 to high acclaim and was compared with the work of Faustus and Lau’s legendary debut album Lightweights and Gentlemen. They toured this material nationally in April 2023 and are on tour in 2024.

Tarren’s second album Outside Time will be released in September 2024 and they will tour the material in the Autumn.