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Heatwave Sauna

Heatwave sauna has been getting Shambalans hot and steamy (and then cool and refreshed) since the very early days of the festival. No prebooking required, just bring a towel and drop in any time during the day. 

Nudity is allowed in the sauna, but swimsuits are also very welcome!

They use specially hand-made yurts for their spaces. Visitors to Heatwave can enjoy two saunas (one hot, one hot-hot-hot) fitted with gas fired burners and a steam filled yurt for sweating those festival toxins out! There are changing rooms as well as both hot and cold showers.

If you get peckish whilst you’re there, tuck into reasonably priced, locally sourced pastries and some truly banging samosas. Wash it all down with cup of festival chai, fresh coffee or a variety of teas.

What's On at Heatwave Sauna?